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We wish you Happy Easter!

In Red Fox on the feast of the Holy Easter all guests will be served Easter cakes. You can come to the restaurant and start the meal from the cake and the Easter egg. Today the restaurant started selling cakes. Traditional Russian Easter cakes with candied fruit, powdered sugar, icing and bright decorations will be of several sizes. Pre-order by phone +7 (862) 274-44-44.


Season Menu with morels

The brand-chef of the Red Fox restaurant, Yuri Kostorev, tries to use local products in cooking. Dishes with morels were added to menu: a salad with morels and honey mushrooms, cream soup with morels, zucchini, young nettle and parmesan espume, morel paste and Murmansk cod with broccolini and seasonal mushrooms.

We are waiting for you in Red Fox!

You can book a table by calling +7 862 274-44-44.


Lenten Menu

Red Fox is ready to present a fasting menu for guests who observe the canon. Among the appetizers are carpaccio of watermelon radish with tomatoes, pumpkin "kolduny" with smoked Circassian pear and zucchini and apple salad. In the soups section there are cream soup made from zucchini with avocado and boletus mushrooms’ soup. Chef Yuri Kostorev also cooked cabbage rolls with mushrooms and Jerusalem artichoke sauce and celery cutlet with ramson and lingonberry sauce. The section of desserts reserves the choice between juicy, fragrant carrot cake and cherry dumplings with strawberry sauce. The menu is organically completed with drinks: feijoa kissel and red currant sbiten.

We are waiting for you in Red Fox!

You can reserve a table  by calling +7 862 274-44-44.


Fashionable dinner at the Red Fox restaurant

Guests of the festival will enjoy an impressive show with DJ Onik and cover band Manhattan. Good mood will provide the show’s host Denis Reshetov. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will also be guests of the night! Try the special menu of the night, which was prepared for You by the famous chef Vladimir Mukhin. Here you will find a generous table with delicacies, seafood, assorted desserts and fine wines.


Gathering of guests — at 22.00.


Ticket price:

Adult — 29 000 rubles., children — 14 500 rubles., a place at the bar — 13 000 rubles., a ticket to the karaoke room — 19 800 rubles. Children under 7 years are invited free of charge.


Book your tickets by phone: +7 (862) 274 44 44.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Live!

Red Fox is well-prerared for meeting football fans: you will be able to see the broadcast of the World Cup-2018 at any table in the restaurant. Stay in the main hall, where you can sit on our cozy sofas, or choose a  summer terrace next to a river Mzymta. For large groups on friends we have a special room where anyone can cheer and support favorite team. Continuing the tradition of the Olympics-2014, Red Fox offers a special menu full of unique dishes. This time our extras are dishes for a big ccompany.


Spring menu

Spring stands for renewal. Our guests will find Red Fox's spring menu interesting: cheese goes with honey, pomegranate and almonds, burrata – tomato and strawberry. Duck pate as a cold appetizer, with pomegranate and fig crostini, three new soups, among which – nettle cream-soup with basturma and poached egg. Seasonal southern side dishes: nettle, cauliflower and chickpea goes with zander, medlar and baked potatoes – with halibut. Tasting is believing: Vladimir Mukhin made the spring menu in such a way even the most tempting gourmet will make a pleasant discovery.



The stricter the limitations, the more delicious they will be! The lent menu at Red Fox features various salads, hearty soups, hot porridge and fruit desserts.

Sweet fragrant tomatoes at the end of winter are the best present. They’re present in the cucumber, avocado and quinoa salad, as well as in the win-win combination with red Yalta onion. Another greeting from the summer is the salad with grilled vegetables and pesto sauce. However, the soups and hot dishes are still winter-solid. You should definitely try the pumpkin cream-soup with almond foam, klubskaya porridge with boletus and cuscus with red pesto and vegetables.s



We're back from the winter holidays

King crab, Siberian muksun, Black Sea red mullet, Murmansk halibut, Rostov duck, Stavropol lamb - the Red Fox menu has traditionally collected the finest products. The hits from previous seasons are also featured in the Red Fox menu, with the central place being reserved for full-table snacks, which are meant for large groups that enjoy spending long winter evenings next to a crackling fireplace.


Holidays in RED FOX!

We're gone for holidays but surely will be back soon!

Out team is on creative vacation till 15th december.






Seafood from Russia Mother seas

Festival of fresh seafood from our aquarium. Welcome to russian gastronomic journey: Sakhalin, the Barents Sea, Kamchatka, the Primorsky Krai!



Roasted on an open fire!

We suggest you try our grilled foods farmers of the North Caucasus and the gifts of wildlife in the region (forest dove, rainbow trout, Black Sea mullet, flounder).

Also the restaurant "Red Fox" offers a grill menu of familiar famous varieties of meat (America, Australia, New Zealand)



RED FOX is very kind to quality of products, it is very important to us that guests are to receive only the best.

We opened our own farm where we are growing rabbits, geese and ducks.

Come to visit us!

Reservation: 8 (862) 274-44-44



А Вы уже попробовали наш вкуснейший каштановый мед?

Теперь в RED FOX Вы можете насладиться медом, который мы собираем на собственных пасеках.


Масленица в Red Fox

Встречаем Масленицу блинами!

К блинам у нас припасена красная и черная икра, домашняя сметана, вареньe, сгущенка и мёд!
А блины готовим с курицей, грибами и сметаной, с мурманским лососем, со шпинатом и фермерским сыром, с домашним творогом! На неделю точно хватит!



Сладкое предложение в День всех влюбленных!

А также живая музыка, выступление дуэта "Соболя", комлименты и специальное предложение от кухни и бара


Children holidays in RED FOX

We are expecting our little guests every Sunday from 14:00 until 20:00!


Quest “3 wishes with Alladin”

- costume show

- face painting

- performance


Madagascar themed holiday

- mime show

- face painting

- pirate suit workshop


Hangover week

Red Fox brings back the tradition: celebrate big – freshen the nip properly!

In a special hangover menu: “kalya” soup, sour “shchi” soup, “kulebyaka” pies and other traditional Russian dishes, which will energize you and awaken your appetite. Spend your holiday with Red Fox– let every morning be good!


New Year 2015!

RED FOX ROSA KHUTOR is an excellent company to see the New year in!

The more so on December 31 we will have here the female singer Jamala, with her inimitable voice and unique repertoire. Jazz, soul, rhythm-n-blues, classics and gospel are combined in her performance, giving birth to the music which will not leave anyone indifferent.

And we surely plan dancing a lot and merrily. And here we will be assisted by Gulfstream cover band that prepared a varied program of ever-young national and world hits.

The brand chef of Red Fox, Vladimir Mukhin, has also prepared his program. It includes duck jelly with paradise apples, slightly-salted trout in red bilberry with cucumber Tartar and sorrel, crispy roasted goatfish and spicy potatoes, calf cheeks with red wine, Black Sea flatfish with Marne sauce and other hits of the well-known chef.

All you have to do is dial the number.


Праздничное расписание RED FOX!

1 января мы открыты с 18.00! RED FOX ROSA KHUTOR с вами всю новогоднюю ночь!

Поэтому, как и вы, утром 1 января мы встанем попозже. Но уже в 18.00 снова будем ждать в гости – на поздний обед или ранний ужин. И не забудьте, что с 1 по 12 января в ресторане действует “Похмельное меню”.


New Year at the Red Fox Restaurant

The New Year party in a restaurant Red Fox.

Cozy and quiet place with live music and excellent food.

You will find many surprises and gorgeous impression!

- Special menu by Vladimir Mukhin;

- Fabulous show;

- Special guests "Chi - Li"

Ski resort "Rose Farm" embankment "Lavender", 3, page 13

Reservation: 8 (862) 274 44 44


Гастрономический сет от шеф-повара

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию новый гастрономический сет от шеф-повара Владимира

Икра форели с маслом и муссом из черного хлеба

Абхазская хурма с овечьим сыром и армянской бастурмой

Фуа-гра с паштетом из горной айвы и сладким гранатовым соусом

Филе жареной барабульки с луком и виноградом Изабелла

Антре : сорбе из калины

Сочинский голубь с листьями брюссельской капусты и ягодами мочёной брусники

Шашлык из молочной телятины с перловым ризотто и подкопчённым корнем козлобородника

Панакота из вареной сгущенки со свежим фейхоа, мороженым из мацони и крошками бородинского хлеба

Сорбе из ягоды китайского лимонника


Приглашаем на мастер-классы!

Теперь в субботу и воскресенье для наших маленьких друзей мы проводим мастер-классы по высокой кухне и барному искусству.

Приглашаем Вас в эти выходные научиться готовить ароматную пиццу в дровяной печи и молочные коктейли со свежими ягодами.

А также принять участие в веселых развлекательных программах.


Iean Saberny at Sochi!

Ambassador of the famous brand of professional cosmetics LOreal professional arrives in Sochi to take part in celebrations to mark the opening of a new beauty salon in Krasnaya Polyana. Beauty salon located in a cozy lobby Park Inn Radisson, named after the name of the maestro, and in recognition of his talent.

April 20 at the picturesque forms cozy mountain hotel Park Inn Radisson by Rosa Hutor, held celebration of fashion, beauty and style "French weekend Saberny Paris». In honor of this brilliant event, Sochi, paid an official visit just two famous French stylist Jan Saberny and Damien Dufresne. Jan unveil own show hairdressing, and Damien will give a master class on the make up.

In addition to the extensive program of the festival will take place from the beloved children's fashion show parents around the world brand Benetton; presents the most current collection and showroom boutique La Vetrina.

Floral accent add French charm of the studio colors Flowers by Luisa. At the end of a long day on the feast of Simple and gala dinner, will reveal the secrets of restaurant dishes environmentally Red Fox. The kids will build a whole room of toys and special educational animation from the center of Lily Monte.

Organizers of the event event-agency effect and log Vincent.

Glossy lifestyle partner.

Secular chronicler

Broadcasting Service Sochi, Russia 1.

Invited guests will spend an unforgettable weekend in the mountains of home, and the usual turn off the French fairy tale for the whole family.


New Great Post menu

Dear friends! During Lent in Red Fox introduced a new Lenten menu! We are waiting for you!




The red fox is the indigenous inhabitant of the Caucasian natural reserve. RED FOX restaurant, just like the fox, is deeply connected with the surrounding nature, the change of seasons and with traditions.